Deccan Chronicle

Hues of Hummus

Hummus is having its moment under the sun even as May 13 is celebrated as International Hummus Day. A healthy dip, side dish or whatever else you want to call it hummus is as ubiquitous as it is loved. Tis is a Mediterranean dip made by blending chickpeas into a paste and is one of… Read More Hues of Hummus

Seema Magazine

Guilt Free Sweet Trip

Weight and food are correlated. In fact, while desserts are the usual culprit where fingers point to, you can gain weight with excess rice, bread or even a salad that has generously dressed seasonings. So how do you indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy the year end festivities? Well, read on to know some tips… Read More Guilt Free Sweet Trip


Healthy Sweet Tooth Indulgences

With the festive season in full swing, make the healthy choice by switching to desserts that not just satiate your dessert cravings but also do not pile up the calories. It is that time of the year when festivities are in the air and this is the time when cheat meals come to the forefront.… Read More Healthy Sweet Tooth Indulgences