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Gold in Home Decor

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Adding gold accents in home décor has an instant effect of giving your home a touch of all things regal.

“The beauty about gold, though, is that in all states from uncertainty to conviction, it never for once gives up its luster,” said Ufuoma Apoki. Gold accents are being increasingly used in home decor to add the zing into home interiors.

Do it Right

Gold is such a glamorous yet difficult choice for interior design. You need to really be extremely careful in your way to use it because it is one of those colors that needs to be applied in the right place and proportion to gain its due value. “To begin with, try changing out your curtains, linens, area rugs, pillows and other fabrics all around your home with ones that have accents of gold shades. If you are looking for something a little bolder, try putting gold sheer curtains directly over the top of the curtains you already hung and give them a stylish new dimension. Or switch one neutral coloured wall to an accent wall of shining gold paint. If a wall seems too risky, then consider painting an accent piece such as a coffee table in gold paint,” advices Sagar Datta, Casa Interio. Adding a simple gold runner that is perfect all year long can embellish any table in your home.

Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor
Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor

Accents & Shades

Décor and accent pieces done up in the gold and copper finishes add hues of glamour and sophistication to your whimsical or statement corners, be it an upholstered bed, a vase or an artwork. These highlight the neutral shades of fabrics and bring out the purity and textures of wood in the same space. “Try adding swirls of gold specks and trims to your bed quilt and upholstered bed or a painting in gold or copper trim to a green vase and voila, there is pure elegance and a little bit of sparkle in your classy chic apartment,” says Naazli Somjee, Design Director, MIMI Homes. Shades of gold go beyond traditional yellow and include white gold, champagne gold, antique or rustic gold, copper gold, matt gold and rose gold. You can always be experimental while using different shades of gold in interiors and choose right shade of gold for right place. “The rose gold and copper shade of gold can be used in accessories like candle holders, lampshades or any other wall accessories. It can also be used on furniture pieces for example the base of the dining table or the legs of the coffee table or just a strip in the legs of chairs. Gold-leafing in various shades of gold can be done on wall mouldings, furniture and even ceilings,” says explains Amardeep Gulri, Founder & Principal Designer, Deco-Arte.

Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor
Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor

Colour Coordinated

Colours like gold create moods and feelings so they should be used in interiors to create the right ambience. It is a little tricky to use gold. Not everyone is a fan of gold to use as part of their décor. “When used wisely in the right proportion, tone and shade it can give an elegant, glam and glitz look. It can be used in cushions and drapes in various different textures. Furniture in gold finishes for any space, be it a living, dining, bedroom or even a kitchen can look classy. Any borders or trims on walls in antique gold finish can be spray painted to upscale the space,” says Anushka Contractor, Interior Designer, Anushka Contractor. With the help of this shade, it is easy to give the design a certain sophistication, bohemianism and shimmer and this, in turn, fits into the concept of almost any stylistic trend. Kushagr Ansal, Director, Ansal Housing avers, “rose gold gives a sense of soothing, metallic gold efficiently partners with shades of red, rusty orange and reddish yellow. The jewel tones – cobalt, turquoise make lush companions for metallic gold. Golden silk pillows reddish bedspread metallic with golden shelves provides a calm and illuminating touch to the room. The glitzy walls turn out to be the calming counterweight to the interiors.”

Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor
Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor

Décor Mantra

Gold is the new black in home decor, but the accents of gold are very much in trend right now, nearly every retail store has gold-patterned fabrics and wallpapers, gold-accented furniture, gold-leafed lamps and chandeliers, and decorative accessories coated in gold. “Arranging these single pieces together on your wall can give you a glamorous, golden statement piece that is easily replaceable when the holiday season comes to a close. Using gold in interiors takes us back to the ancient Egypt times, and it appears in every period and style through ages since. A vintage chandelier coated with gold luster is the best place to start infusing your home with shine. Chandeliers are not only just for dining room anymore, but it can also be added to any room for the extra glamour,” says Shivangi Shah, Proprietor and Creative Head, Hive Home. Go for subtle pops here and there. A gold tone painting with a gold tone in the coffee table is perfect, then you can layer with other colours and wood textures so your special pieces stand out and your eye has somewhere to rest. Get ready to glitter – gold matters after all.

Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor
Pic courtesy: Anushka Contractor


  • Use neutral palette around gold whenever you are using it to highlight anything.
  • Do not use gold in a big scale to decorate a space because it can be too heavy and bold in appeal. It can even make a space look smaller.
  • Do not use bright hues to be paired with gold shades.
  • Never use two bright metallic colours together. Pair gold with a dull colour instead like gold-brass
  • Do not pick a shiny version of the shade. Choose a matte finish.
  • Incorporate gold into your space through metal artwork on a contrast dark or light background.
  • Consider gold for some of your primary furnishings such as coffee tables, side/ end tables.

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