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Pop up Your Home

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Pop culture merchandise are making inroads into home interiors like never before adding a zing to homes like no other.

Do you like Game of Thrones (GoT)? Well that might seem like a very open ended question, but there is no denying the popularity of GoT, Star Wars, Big bang theory and Avengers is changing the way homes are being done up. Rajendra Kalkar, President (West), Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai explains, “pop art is a popular and interesting style of interiors. Integrating pop culture into the décor of a room helps add the fun element to a room’s interiors. With eye-catching colours, quirky graphics, whimsical prints, the images in pop art style are certain to bring a spark to the ambience of your home and is an ideal way to express your individuality.”

Courtesy: Altus Interio
Courtesy: Altus Interio

Doing it Right

Adding pop elements in home interiors is an emerging trend that creates interest and also works as a conversation starter. For instance the GoT chair is very popular and a similar chair in your living space can create a lot of drama. “Adding funky cushions, digital prints trays, customized coffee mugs, photo frames, wall arts, printed cushions, lamps and artifacts inspired from various themes of the web series or movies and the Star Wars BB alarm clock is also quite popular these days,” avers Adetee Sawhaney, Principal Designer, Altus Interio. To highlight these elements you need to have a good light source that can highlight them as a focal point. Informal areas, lounges and kid’s rooms are most suited to add pop elements. As the word suggests it stands for bold colours, dramatic themes and funky forms which work best in informal spaces in a house. “We once had a client who told us they want their office to look like Harvey Spector’s office in Suits. That was the brief. While the millennial generation Netflix and chills, they tend to get absorbed by the characters in the show and indirectly to their surroundings as well. Take friends for example, their iconic purple door with the yellow frame is a rage among teenagers. The real question here is how to use these elements and merge them well within our homes. They need to add value both aesthetically and functionally. The current obsession is HBO’s hit show; Game Of Thrones. Every 20’s something boy would love to have the sword throne in their bedroom so he could feel like the ruler of the seven kingdoms,” says Yash Kela, Founder, Arrivae.

Poptates at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai
Poptates at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai

Visual Appeal

Interiors should always be done keeping in mind which pop culture element suits the space. “We should avoid using such interiors in the bed rooms or in the rooms of elderly people. We should also keep in mind that we do not overdo it say for example if we are using it for bed sheets then we should avoid it in cushions or curtains,” says Vineeta Dassani, Co-founder, Etasaa Home and Lifestyle. The use of icons in a home showcases a particular interest and is an expression of your personality.  There are also many pop culture inspired pieces entering the market which may not resemble an actual icon, but take design cues from them to add colour, pops of colour, pattern or fun phrases into your interiors. Jade Davies, CEO & Interior Designer, MKM Luxe Suisse opines, “for example, if you have a bar at home, this is a great place to keep your fandom enclosed in one space. You could show off a particular love for an old film in the form of black & white framed photographs, have chairs upholstered with a print of your favourite singer, or display sports memorabilia from your favourite sports star. Also if you have a lot of merchandise such as figurines, choose a beautiful glass cabinet to display them in an elegant way, that is also dust-free.”

Courtesy: Altus Interio
Courtesy: Altus Interio

Contemporary Cues

Pop culture merchandise is an extremely personal choice and looks best when displayed in a tasteful manner that highlights the owner’s personality at large or in case of a family home, in smaller spaces such as a den or bedroom that individually reflects the pop-culture lover’s sensibilities. Ishaan Sarna, CEO at Sammsara says, “pop culture in itself is a constantly changing norm. With new shows making the rounds and the ever dynamic notion of ‘popular’ or ‘trending’ as per social media, pop culture cannot be bottled in to neatly fit a particular trend or style. However, some timeless trends include graphic sofa cushions and lit-up signs atop a bar table.” Pop culture can be used in furnishings including bed sheets, cushions and curtains as well as wall papers for rooms of children. So are you ready to pop up your home?


  • Good quality should be a priority while shopping for your home.
  • The pop culture elements should be well coordinated with the look of the given space.
  • Do not over clutter.
  • Don’t make pop culture the focus of a room, but an accent.
  • Do balance with subdued accompaniments to prevent the room from looking over the top.

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