Unora Spa at Novotel Guwahati, GS Road

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A spa session at Novotel Guwahati, GS Road’s Unora Spa is a sure shot way to begin a North East holiday on the right note.

The word Unora means ‘My Hour’ in Italian and is representative of an hour stolen out of the hustle and bustle of city life for a rejuvenation rendezvous with yourself. The masseurs here are trained to bring you a spa experience that is unprecedented and unique as they help wash away stress and rekindle the spirit and vigour inside you.

Oils used for the massage
Oils used for the massage

Located on the tenth floor of the hotel, Unora Spa is an oasis of calm and is located on the wellness floor that also has the fitness center and pool as well as remarkable bird eye views of the city of Guwahati. Considering that I was here after four days of extensive road travel, this was a session I was looking forward to. The spa menu I was handed out is quite extensive with an array of Indian and Western therapies. The first step is to fill in a Consultation Guide where you can let the therapists know the exact purpose of your visit to the spa (relaxation, pampering, skin care, energization, muscle tension release or other) as well as any health conditions that may affect your treatment. You will also need to fill in any allergies you have, facial skin type (sensitive, normal, oily, dry, combination) as well as the kind of pressure you prefer (heavy, firm but relaxing, light) and which part of the body you would like the therapist to concentrate on.

Unora Spa
Unora Spa

I was suggested a Deep Tissue Massage as this therapy helps reduce adhesions and loosens muscles. The best part is that the therapy is highly customized to your needs and the masseur’s focus is to relieve muscle tension and tiredness from your body. This treatment uses light aromatherapy oils and you can choose from four – Once done I was asked to sit on a chair adjacent to the reception where my feet were cleaned in warm water and patted dry. My therapist Plistina from Shillong showed me my room and asked me to change and lie face down. After covering me with a towel she did a dry massage from my feet to my neck over the towel that in a way prepared the body for the session ahead. Starting the massage from my right leg, she first applied the oil generously over my leg and then used long strokes across my legs to smoothen all the strained nerves. Using circular motions around the side of my feet she ensured that all the fatigue instantly vanished. She also used her knuckles to massage the back on my feet and that had a great effect of relaxing my tired feet. Repeating the procedure on the other leg she then started with the hand massage. Here again, it was her strokes that saw her using pressure from the side of her palms to her thumbs and fingers as well as hands to soothe all the frayed muscles in my hands. She then proceeded to the back massage which again included a perfect thumb pressure massage around the spine and syncronised strokes around the back that felt deeply relaxing. It was the shoulder massage that was the winner. Using circular motions she folded one hand of mine at the back and massaged the entire shoulders to perfection. Once I turned over, the massage was repeated on my frontal legs and hands as well as my neck and chest and at the end of the 60 minute session I felt that this was indeed an hour well spent. Once I showered and sipped on the green tea at the reception, I filled in a quick feedback form and could agree that this was indeed a great value addition to my first ever trip to the North East.

Spa Reception
Spa Reception

Fact File

  • Name of The Spa: Unora Spa
  • Established: March,2018
  • Founders: Karan Goyal
  • Area/Size: 1340 sq ft
  • Treatment rooms: 4
  • Number of aestheticians: 3
  • Signature Treatment: Tattva Signature Therapy (90 minutes) and Tattva Signature Rebalance (135 mins)
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Contact: 9999835852 (CRM number for Tattva) and Novotel Landline number- 0361-7104444
  • Address: Level 10, Novotel Guwahati, GS Road
  • Website:

This story first appeared in the June 2019 issue of Style Speak magazine here:SS June 19 – Spa Review

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