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Sweet Nothings

This Valentine’s Day make some special dishes for your partner to celebrate through food, after all good food means a good mood. What is common to pomegranates, bananas, beetroot, asparagus, strawberries, chocolate, honey, artichokes, avocado, figs, and chocolates? Well, no prizes for guessing that these are all ingredients known to be aphrodisiacs. Bannans in fact… Read More Sweet Nothings

Hotelier India

Tableware in Hotels

Modern tableware is inspiring and beautiful and is becoming a conversation starter at hotels even as they are ensuring it is both unique and functional. Every hotel has their own unique story, which they need to showcase through all elements of the hotel that carry an identity of the brand, to show continuity of the… Read More Tableware in Hotels


All About Idli

Amidst the growing debate around idli and its popularity with many people taking to Twitter in support, the humble product seems to have found its universal appeal. After a British professor called it ‘the most boring thing in the world’, netizens from across the globe trolled the professor. It’s hard to resist the goodness of this steamed… Read More All About Idli

The Tribune

Flat Breads with a Twist

Breads are a staple at every meal and while curries have seen much change, the bread was somehow always left behind. This has however changed, and chefs are now experimenting with innovative fillings and grains to ensure that flat breads are becoming as interesting as they are tasty. New Plates While there are several new… Read More Flat Breads with a Twist

Spice Route

Telangana Cuisine

The cuisine of Telangana is known for its vibrant spice levels including the fiery chilly that literally packs a punch into each dish it is used in. If you are an aficionado of food, the cuisine of Telangana will tantalize your taste buds and take it on a culinary journey like no other. The youngest… Read More Telangana Cuisine

Hotelier India

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solutions in Hotels

The Hot and Cool of It Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solutions are coming to the forefront as hoteliers are looking to optimize energy costs while they do not compromise on guest comfort. Typically, climate control accounts for more than half the energy cost in a hotel, irrespective whether it is limited-service or full-service property.… Read More Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solutions in Hotels