Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail, Review

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One of the best hair care regimens is to use a good hair oil and massage your hair gently. An age old practice, this is a technique that always works.

Oil’s Well

Champi or hair massage is a grandmother’s remedy for good hair. And with everything going back to tradition, oil for your hair is exactly what the doctor ordered. Going back to your roots has been something that is trusted and when I received the Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail, a hair oil formulation that prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth, I knew it was a great addition to my hair care regimen. This specific oil has therapeutic herbs in a base of cold-pressed coconut and sesame oils, helps adds strength and luster to the hair. The other advantage is that it helps improve texture and volume and prevent graying and split ends. And if you have insomnia, this oil helps as well as it aims to promote sleep.

Bringraj Oil
Bringraj Oil

This oil (priced at Rs. 945 for 200 ml) is a natural Ayurvedic formulation that uses Bringraj an ingredient that has been used in Ayurveda as a traditional medicine to promote hair growth. The advantage of Bringraj is that it increases the blood circulation and nourishes hair follicles and has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent dandruff related irritation.

Bringraj Oil composition
Bringraj Oil composition

The oil has a mild fragrance and in spite of its Ayurvedic formulation does not smell anything like typical traditional oils. It has a light and non greasy texture that can be applied easily on the hair. It is smooth and hence there is no oily feeling on the hands when it is applied. In case you want to leave the oil on which I highly recommend you do, it will absorb easily into the scalp. If you are looking to wash your hair sooner, allow the oil to absorb well for at least an hour before you shower. In all this is a product that has its heart in the right place and you know this is what you must have in your hair care routine.

If you want to buy the product check out this link and also check out Just Herbs’ Valentine’s Store – Organic Beauty Products Collection

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Just-Herbs’s Bhringraj Tail, however all opinions here are my own.

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