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If you are looking to indulge in some me time in a luxurious setting, Mirrors & Within in UB City in Bengaluru is the place to head to.

Located on the ground level of the swanky UB City mall in Bengaluru, Mirrors & Within is an expansive salon spanning two levels that offers a range of beauty services for both men and women. The salon is done up in hues of brown, cream and beige and comes with private VIP treatment rooms and standalone bride and bridegroom rooms as well.

Nailing It

I was recommended a Footlogix pedicure and regular manicure that helped my tired feet and hands relax. The manicure was done by Sunanda who first cut and filed my nails and after removing the old nail polish, applied cuticle cream and allowed my nails to soak in warm water. After this she used a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles and used a cuticle cutter to cut all the extra cuticles around the nails.  She then used a buffer to give the nails a nice shine, brushed the nails and again applied cuticle cream. This was followed with an intensive massage using cream where she used deep, circular strokes to rejuvenate my hands and fingers. After this she wiped the cream clean using a hot towel and then patted my hands dry. This was followed with the application of a base nail cost and a nail polish of my choice and my manicured nails are rocking. For the pedicure, therapist Narayan followed a similar process and used the Footlogix foot soak to let the skin of my feet soften in warm water. Applying a cuticle softener spray, he cleaned the cuticles and then scrubbed the dead skin on the rear part of the feet using the Footlogix callus softener. After this he applied a Footlogix exfoliating seaweed scrub. Optimally blended with essential oils and micro grained natural pumice, the scrub is uniquely scented, invigorating and lighting foaming that exfoliates dead skin cells on the feet and legs. The scrub left a subtle glow on my feet and was neatly washed off with warm water. Once my feet and legs were patted dry, he massaged my feet using a Footlogix lotion that has a dermal infusion technology which is a proven non occlusive formula. After a five minute intensive massage it is completely absorbed into the skin and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. Cleaning my cuticles one last time he applied a base coat and nail polish leaving my tired feet completely rejuvenated.

Face Time

I was also asked to try the signature facials that the salon is known for and Lakshmi my therapist analysed by skin and gave me a Christine Valmy facial. This was aimed to repair and hydrate the skin, removing tan, evening out the skin texture and remove dead skin layers without damaging the skin to give a shine and glow to the skin. After a change of clothes, I was asked to lie down and the facial started with a cleansing routine. The cleanser was gently massaged into my face and neck and wiped clean with a damp towel. After this the Vegetal Peeling Mask was applied and this cream based scrub removes dead cells, dirt and impurities gently without damaging the skin and has to be peeled off. Keeping the steam on, the next step is a deep cleansing process where the skin is massaged lightly and then all the black heads are removed. A cold spray of air ensures that all the pores are closed. After this I am given a cream massage and not just my face, but my neck, shoulders and back are also massaged sending me to a state of deep relaxation. Once the mask is applied and my eyes are covered with fresh cucumber and I am given a hand and feet massage by two therapists in tandem. Once the mask is removed, Lakshmi applies an SPF and the glow on my face is distinctly visible. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I am ready to head back with renewed vigour and now that is certainly a great way to start a brand new week. And you can to, head to Mirrors & Within for some rest and relaxation now.

Fact File

Name of salon: Mirrors & Within, The Salon

Address: The Collection, UB City, 1/1 A, Ground Floor, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru – 560001. Phone: 08041738024/25

Area in sq ft: 3200

Owner: Mrs. Nandini Alva & Mrs. Sonia Vohra

Number of staff: 40

Hours of operations: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

This story first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Style Speak magazine here: April_Salon Review – 2 pgs

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