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See Jaipur Under an Art Lens

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Jaipur is known for its many art forms and on a recent trip I had the chance to actually meet these artists and see their work first hand.

On invited by the Rooftop app headed by Kartik Gaggar, I visited Jaipur and met two artists whose art is a testament to their years of experience:

Bhawani Shankar Sharma
Winner of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi over five times, Bhawani Shankar Sharma’s work has not only been exhibited throughout India in several galleries and shows but has also been presented in several international exhibitions. Bhawani Ji is a visiting faculty member of many academic bodies of art in Rajasthan and other Indian states.

Miniature painting artist Virendra Bannu
He is a seventh-generation artist taking forward the family legacy in specialised art. His father Bannuji was one of the best miniature artists in the royal court. . Inspired by his forefather’s work, he says that his focus has been to see how he can interpret it in his own way. He has also used oil paints and creates his own interpretation of art, which he calls his style. The colours and methodology, however, is always traditional.

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