Bhoomija presents Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana

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The play itself, written by Girish Karnad, is a renowned Kannada classic known for its exploration of themes like identity, desire, and social satire. Neelam Man Singh is a veteran director known for her insightful interpretations and ability to bring out the best in her cast and crew. The play also features strong production elements – a live orchestra, stunning scenography, and lighting design. Finally, the play boasts a cast of renowned actors from Indian cinema and theatre. Their exceptional performances bring the characters to life.

With such a script, director, play elements, and powerhouse cast coming together for this, no stone has been left unturned by the team in ensuring that this retelling of Hayavadana is one for the books!

Written by Girish Karnad, the play is directed by Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry and has music by B V Karanth and Amod Bhatt. The cast includes Ipshita Chakraborty Singh, Brinda Trivedi, Pallavi Jadhao, Ajeet Singh Palawat, Ambika Kamal, Mahesh Saini, Chaman Bansal, Guru Bamrah, and Puneet Kumar Mishra. The singers and musicians include Snehalatha Tagde, Shubhashree Bhatt, Bahadur Chand, Amarjit Singh, Pradeep Nirban, Harpal Singh, Ram Singh, Gurmit Singh, Chainis Gill (Minka), and Raghavendra K. A classic the show brings together some of the best actors, musicians, and technicians in the Indian film and theatre circles.

Read the full story that first appeared in Our Bangalore dated May 18-May 24, 2024 here:

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