Architectural Hardware

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As an important aspect of architecture and interiors of a space, hardware may not always be in focus, but it is what brings a space together – practically and aesthetically.

The architectural space has been evolving ever since the pandemic. As the prime focus today is on achieving an aesthetic look whilst using a minimalist approach, automation and smart homes are increasingly gaining prominence. With emerging technology like IoT, connectivity and accessibility have become feasible.

The younger generation of clients are preferring designers who are in touch with and are comfortable with the Smart Home concept and the association with technology. The Smart Home or the Connected Home is here to stay. What defines it is of course subject to debate, but what is not in doubt is that technology is playing an important part in the end user’s comfort and convenience.

A greater emphasis is also being put on multifunctional spaces since houses in the city are no longer as spacious. Therefore transformative, smart, and stylish products with their solutions are in demand. Customers today are more quality-conscious and prefer to go for complete solutions with one brand for convenience.

Read the full story that first appeared in Architect & Interiors Feb 2023 issue here:

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