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Bathroom Fittings

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Bathroom fittings are combining form and functionality to ensure bathrooms are as stylish as they are practical.

In all these years, one space that has been constantly reinventing itself, is Bathrooms, they have come a long way. Nowadays bathrooms have been a luxurious hideout with the finest selections. Bathrooms have become a reflection of one’s personality, telling one of their kind stories. With a wide range of growing market of bathroom fixtures and accessories one can be as creative as their imagination allows. They have a full design potential to get transformed from a minimal design theme to luxurious design themes.

A bathroom fixture is a permanent feature that complete the bathroom atmosphere: from showers to bathtubs, soap dispensers to shower curtains and other shower accessories, bidets, toilet seats, toilet roll holder, taps to wash basins, bathroom mirrors, bathmats, towel bars and holders, textured wall coverings and every accessory in the bathroom adds to personal space of the bathing room.

Playful-Colorful Bathroom Faucets are taking over in 2022. Coloured faucets can add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom and are designed to complement any space. They are easy to install and the main body of the mixers is made of brass construction, ensuring solid durability, further underpinned by the reassurance of a 10-year guarantee. VitrA faucets are available in chrome, copper, gold, matt black and brushed nickel and will instantly uplift your bathroom decor. Whether one is seeking something valuable or wants to add elegance to their bathrooms, VitrA faucets are for sure an impeccable investment for your space. VitrA faucet line includes Suit U, Suit L, Root, and Origin; now you can express your style in your bathroom with VitrA’s bold and colourful faucets.

VitrA Hiera Showerhead
VitrA Hiera Showerhead

Since CO2 emissions are one of the main drivers for climate change, LIXIL’s international fittings plants have now committed to produce CO2-neutral. LIXIL’s brand GROHE is a case in point: the leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings is one of the first in its industry to rely on CO2-neutral production. “GRAFF’s concern for human health and the environment, though, is always at the base of the development of any new collection and always acts as a filter for new technologies which are carefully evaluated and implemented only when fully complying with GRAFF policies. For this reason, all new smart solutions are very welcome only if they offer additional functionalities without compromising any aspect of the corporate founding values,” says  Ziggy Kulig, President & CEO at Graff.

When selecting fixtures for the bathroom, there are a few things that we need to consider. First and basic thing to be taken care of is, what are the requirements of the client. Let’s say for the master bathroom, one would like to have a steam shower or a body mist but they might not require the same for the guest bathroom. Different clients have different requirements.

When selecting fixtures we should always consider the project location, it will allow us to evaluate the water situation on site. We also need to invest in a good water softener according to the project location.
There are a wide range of products available in the market to choose from, considering their technique and where it is based from is very important. Finishes can add a sense of warmth and elegance to your bathroom. Chrome finishes are mostly being preferred in India due to the water conditions. We can also choose from rose gold, copper finishes if we are setting theme for luxury bathrooms.

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