Bengaluru’s Seven Secrets

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A city that has seen a meteoric rise and has been rated as the most dynamic city in the world, Bengaluru has several secret places that are waiting to be discovered.

Being a Bangalorean, I am always happy when asked to write about the city that is not just home but also one I love.

Balabrooie House
Balabrooie House

This is why this story is special as it took me some time to list the unusual places the city has. I had to choose seven and I wrote about:

  • Rice Memorial Church
  • Short Wave Radio Museum
  • Indian Institute of World Culture
  • Balabrooie House
  • Devanahalli Fort
  • Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall
  • Government Museum
Government Museum
Government Museum

While there are many other places that are off the beaten track, I chose these as I have visited them. If you know other places please leave them in your comments.

Indian Institute of World Culture
Indian Institute of World Culture

Read the full story that first appeared in Vistara’s January 2022 issue here:

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