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Bird Inspired Home Decor

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If you love birds, you will know that there is something so charming and endearing about them that nothing else can match up. So how about giving your home décor some bird inspiration? Well, if you are wondering how, we tell you all about it.


Avian Inspirations

Birds tend to have a very a calming presence to them. They found in vast variety and have the most wonderfully array of colours and patterns. Incorporating such similar feature in your home is way to tribute them precious feathered friends. “Going for textiles – upholstery, and tableware with bird motifs is good idea. If you’re someone who loves art can choose to go for paintings which feature beauty of birds. In the end, the underlying theme of the entire décor should feature connotation which we symbolize birds with like – freedom, peace and harmony,” says Purvi Parikh, Owner, Tranceforme. Printed cushion covers, to bird cages, a tapestry of these feathery creatures, you can also add this quirky addition to your kitchen with plates and bowls having these designs all can be used to incorporate in the home décor. One of the most obvious choices are using darling bird feeders. “However, if you would like to incorporate something unique, you could pick products with adorable bird figurines woven into their aesthetic. Be it little bowls, flower bowls or centerpieces that are conversation starters in themselves,” says Shibani Dasgupta Jain, Founder and CEO, Baaya Design.

Go Natural

Take inspiration flora and fauna and add natural rustic charm with cornucopia of accessories, items in the shape of nest based on flora, fauna and woodland creatures and birds. Walls have great potential when come to incorporating any theme. “Have nature inspired wallpaper or wall arts with colourful bird motifs. If too much colour is not your pink, one can also go for mute colors with the same theme. Add a new collection of crockery with bird motifs. Choose accessories – lampshades with bird patterns, bird ceramic floater, bird motifs on throw pillows. You can add a quirky element through hanging fancy copper or brass bird cages which are trending. If you wish to do something different then go for a gallery wall with a group of large framed bird sketches set against a lime-colored wall,” says Parikh. Nature inspired décor is easy to incorporate and has a relaxing element to it especially if you are a lover of birds, animals and plants. It gives a sense of calmness and freshness to a space. You can use this element as wallpaper, prop, tapestry, wall hanging, canvas, curtains, and lights to complement your decor. Tuhin Roy, Co-Founder, JUMPINGGOOSE® explains, “you can have empty bird cages placed in your balcony. You can also have small sized bird cages with scented candles placed on a centre table.  And if you really like the birds and its chirping you can have your doorbell with that tune. Bird wall decals are a huge rage. Chimes are also an easy way to add the bird inspired theme to your décor.”

Do it Right

Murals and art pieces of cranes and swans and colorful stuffed bird strings as partitions work well too. “Bird motif decals and wallpapers can be used in bedrooms. Wooden large bird murals can be used in balconies and living rooms, old Banaras or Kanchivaram sarees with bird motifs can be used for cushion covers and curtains. Cutlery in ceramic and metal with bird motifs adds elegance to the dining couture,” says Vaishnavipratima, Owner, Vaishnavipratima – the Interiors studio. Motifs using block print in the cushions, curtains and bed sheets and using Moroccan based powdered coated bird’s cage is also a good idea in the chandelier. “One can also imply Japanese Origami designed birds over the study table or can use Origami wallpaper. Applique can also be used on the curtains or cushions which is a Do It Yourself idea and also give a 3D effect. Giving a room total contemporary look can also be taken into consideration using Decals for example 3D Decals, wall decals, vinyl decals and the like,” says Laurent Guichox, Academic Director LISAA India, Bengaluru Campus.

Feel Good Factor

Bird murals of Phoenix, peacock (which have great significance in Fengshui) in wood, metal or stone can add to a regal look of a space. In fact many birds are considered auspicious in different philosophies and different parts of the world. For example the Paramhansa in Hindu mythology and the mythical Phoenix is the most famous bird in Feng Shui, and it is often paired with the dragon as a symbol of marital happiness. “Also popular in Feng Shui, the crane came to symbolize longevity because of its long lifespan. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck. Besides bringing that element of nature into your home, the energy of birds will bring lightness, inspiration and good luck. One can keep almost anything ranging from sculptures, time pieces, vases, candle stands, photo frames to mirrors with a bird motif. The eagle conveys the power of the spirit; it is man’s connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. It is most frequently associated with wisdom and freedom and adding these can add a positive vibe to your home,” says Jalaj Anand Creative Director, Frazer and Haws. So get set to give your home flights of your bird fantasy now.


  • Go for a nature inspired theme which involves birds as their central idea.
  • Always have a single standout piece rather than confusing the eye with too many statement pieces.
  • To play safe do not mix it with other prints, but you can surely have it on any pastel shade décor.
  • Bird line art and silhouette patterns works great.
  • Avoid oversized pictures or accessories of birds in small spaces.
  • Flock of bird concept should be used in proper measurement on the walls or might look tacky.
  • Bird inspired decor accessories used in a cluster with some greens/plants can light up any corner.
  • Do not hang small birds on large walls if the wall is small; else hang smaller pieces of birds.
  • Do use different textures to keep things interesting in your decor, mix different textures in bird themed decors experimenting with bird inspired accents over the curtains, molted bird feathered faux tree and peacock metal wallpapers.

This story appeared in Deccan Herald’s Homes & Interiors dated 4th May 2018 here.

All pics are courtesy LISAA India.

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