Body Weight Training

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Using your body’s weight can help you workout. With gyms and fitness still becoming harder to access in the pandemic, this can be the saviour.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has changed life as we all knew it forever. So much that simple every day aspects like going to the gym has become something of a task. Additionally, with working from home becoming the new norm, fitness has suddenly taken a backseat. If this is what is worrying you, well fret not. You can workout from the confines of your home using your body weight to your advantage, with a little help from the online world.

Jumping Jacks courtesy Decathlon
Jumping Jacks courtesy Decathlon

Exercising at home brings along a lot of ease, however, if not done with required discipline and consultation, it may prove disastrous for the bones and muscles. Burpees are also a popular exercise choice where one can strengthen their cores, glutes chest and triceps

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