Coffee Cosmetics: mCaffeine

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mCaffeine is a new age coffee based cosmetic brand that is India’s first Caffeinated Personal Care Brand.

While coffee is my favourite drink and something I start my day with, being partial to all things coffee is all but natural when it comes to me.

However, the benefits of coffee for skin and hair, have spurred the demand for coffee based products in the space and mCaffeine is one of the leaders in this space with an exclusive range of coffee based products that spans body care, face care and hair care.

Some of the benefits of coffee include being a great face scrub, scalp exfoliator and has anti-cellulite body scrub properties. It also works as a skin brightener and reduce puffy eyes.

Here are some products that I tried from their extensive range:

Green Tea Night Gel with Vitamin C
Green Tea Night Gel with Vitamin C

Green Tea Night Gel with Vitamin C, 50ml
This is a smooth and divine smelling gel like night cream that blends Green Tea and Caffeine. The smooth gel moisturizes, reduces fine lines, dark spots and pigmentation and makes the perfect way to end the day.

Coffee Shampoo
Coffee Shampoo

Coffee Shampoo, 250 ml | Sulphate & Silicone Free
This is a beige hued creamy shampoo that has a lovely fragrance and feels soft on your hair. This coffee shampoo makes your hair feel frothy and soft while it gently cleansing and nourishing your hair shafts.

Signature Coffee Bathing Bar
Signature Coffee Bathing Bar

Signature Coffee Bathing Bars – Assorted (Set of 3)
Shaped like a split coffee bean, these bathing bars are the best way for coffee cleansing. This Signature Coffee Bathing Bars has a set of three assorted bathing bars that have a skin friendly pH of 5.5. This has Latte Coffee Bathing Bar, Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar and the Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bar. The unmistakable aroma of coffee comes from the pure freshly grounded Arabica Coffee beans that are part of these bars.

Disclaimer: I received these products from the brand, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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