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You learn. You have fun. You learn AND have fun. There is no downside. Sounds like something you want to do? Well, then head to Dheel De, a workshop that keeps introspection and fun at its core conducted by Bindiya Vaid. This is the first time Dheel De is happening in Bengaluru, having been held in different spaces in Mumbai for the last one year. There are five workshops happening over a span of four days (Friday-Monday, excluding Sunday) in two locations in Bengaluru. Every workshop is different one could attend one or all and it would still be refreshing and worthwhile. Each session will have a maximum of 20 people and you can pay on the day of the workshop, but the registration form is needs to be filled to obtain details and answer a couple of important questions. This is so that the session can be curated for the group.

Dheel De Workshop
Dheel De Workshop

Bindiya Vaid has been facilitating since the last five years and is very passionate about theatre, safe spaces and mental health. She is a trainer in Theatre of The Oppressed. Bindiya has worked with students, actors, youth, teachers and parents from various walks of life, using interactive means to engage them in important conversations. She writes plays, short films and poetry, makes excellent coffee and believes that there’s always a fun way to do the same thing. Vaid an artist and facilitator who works freelance has co-created gatherings and events like Kani- A Cultural Gathering, Fools’ Forum and the like. Dheel De is her latest brain-child. “In times of great turmoil and important shifts as these, this is a safe space to unwind and unashamedly be yourself, explore more of your being using theatre activities, music, movement, art, and sharing circles. It’s a space free of judgement and expectation, and together, with the energy of everyone participating, it can co-create an experience worthwhile of revisiting again,” says Vaid.

Dheel De Workshop
Dheel De Workshop

Vaid has been a part of theatre since the last 12 years and admits that she has realized that the activities with involve body movement, team work, cooperation and ‘actions’ hold very strong learning value. “Club it up with music, art and reflective circles and it is a powerful experience of expression. Sessions are curated according to the participants who register, to make them more wholesome and relevant. I have a slight problem with the term ‘soft skills’ because I find the term undermining the values that are encompasses within it. That said, learning about and exploring yourself, and your community, in a fun way, is a win-win.” Holding spaces which allow expression and honest listening are very few and rarely created. Not everyone can shed caution and inhibitions and dance in front of strangers, for instance. This is a space to exuberantly be yourself, have fun, and make newer connections- with yourself and others.

  • What: Dheel De: Bangalore Version
  • When: 27 and 28 December; 30 December
  • Where: Breads & Banter, Marathahalli (10:30am-12:30pm on Friday and 10:00am-12:00pm on Saturday) and MyBoTree, Kormangala (3:00pm-5:00pm on Friday and 3:30pm-5:30pm). 30 December (only at MyBoTree, Kormangala; 10:30am-12:30pm)
  • Tickets: Rs. 500 per participant, per session; Rs. 350 per participant if you get at least one more person along.

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