Diwali Food

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The one Hindu festival that bring us fond memories of festive celebrations is Diwali. This festival of lights is symbolic to the victory of good over evil.

In today’s day and age as much as there is history and tradition that is celebrated during festivals, food has definitely taken a spot light and plays a very important part in the celebrations today.

As part of Diwali festivities, eating of festive delicacies starts right on the first day also referred to as ‘Faral‘ which comprises of Chivda, Ladoos, Shankarpale, Chakli and more.

As part of festive family rituals, Mother’s get the ingredients organized and preparations commence. This would be planned day-wise to prepare each item a week prior.

Celebrations these days have evolved to bigger celebrations that include large scale card parties where food and festive beverages are the highlight. Hosts of these large scale events also ensure their menus are out of the box and have dishes that are a creative riff on classic dishes.

A couple of modern interpretations of classic dishes that are served are boondi mascarpone phyllo tart, kabuli channa cheddar cornettoes or the hara bhara kebab with burrata. Live counters form as part of these festive celebrations that are festively decorated.

Chefs most often have to push their creative boundaries to curated and showcase these creative dishes that are hot sellers for festive celebrations these days.

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