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Exploring Mattancherry

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A recent trip to Brunton Boatyard, a CGH Earth Property had me explore the beautiful locality of Mattancherry that is often overshadowed by its glitzy neighbour Fort Kochi.

The team at Brunton Boatyard organised a tuk tuk tour for me with Sony from the front office who accompanied me on the trip made sure that she gave me what I wanted – “something different and offbeat.”

With its Arabian, European, African, Jewish, and Dutch influences, Mattancherry also has the distinction of being home to several communities, the Tamilians, Gujratis, Marvadis, Jains and more.

Apart from the spices I saw temples, monuments, community homes, an old church and so many other sights here that left me with indelible memories of the place that had my heart with its sepia toned pace.

Here are some images of the tour that will take you back in time.

At a tea store
An old door at Mattancherry
A businessman in his ancient store
An old Church in Mattancherry
A handicraft store selling carpets
Nutmeg being processed at a spice factory
OED Gallery
The outside façade of the Pardesi Synagogue
Pardesi Synagogue
An artist sketching Jew Street
Kolam by a Tamil Brahmin woman
An old home in the Tamil Brahmin street
An old temple complex in Mattancherry

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