Facades and Fenestrations

Courtesy Parag V Singal
Courtesy Parag V Singal
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Facades and fenestrations give a space an identity that makes a compelling statement of the exteriors.

Facades give an identity to a space and sets the context of a project. Facades and fenestrations play a very important role in connecting the exterior and interior functions.

The design of such falls as a catalyst between the two realms. The enhancement comes from a balance between the exterior aesthetic and interior functions.

Courtesy Parag V Singal
Courtesy Parag V Singal

While the functionally inclined, small-scale structures favour the cost-effective fenestrations and their tasteful composition, the aesthetically inclined, towering structures seek the image of a compelling façade that is set to stand out amongst the mass of the modern cityscape

Façade and fenestration is a technology-driven industry and innovations keep on happening in this industry. In today’s time, making sustainable buildings is the topmost trend in the construction segment, which is increasing the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly façade and fenestration solutions and technologies.

Facades are changing inside-out as materials, and design innovations support the environment. In the range of Engineered systems available, UPVC, Aluminium and Wood are currently in use.

A new age use is inclined towards overlapping highly sophisticated technological tools and an Architect’s interpretation of spaces.

Leading fenestration brands have given an innovative stimulus to traditional sliding doors that were otherwise limited to a lateral sliding mechanism, one such being the Lift and Slide system.

One solution that shows promise is designing facades as living environments with habitable spaces. Eco friendly products consider ecology in the entire product life cycle.

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