Facades Matter

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The façade is the building’s interface with the external environment, and it filters lights, heat and air that operates in the internal environment.

It also ensures that it gives the building an identity and the expression of the creativity of the designer and sets the tone of the building and its occupants. Unitised facades are new in aluminum curtain walling systems and its inspiring due to endless possibilities in design freedom whilst keeping a high-quality finished product due to pre-fabrication.

Facades are a very specific result of how context, culture, programmatic requirements, and innovative design align, allowing the architecture and landscape to combine in both form and spatial experience.

While designing a facade, one of the most important factors that cannot be overlooked is the direction of the sunlight. A facade that focuses on natural lighting, thermal comfort and proper ventilation is more efficient which is why balconies and windows are carefully positioned.

Courtesy Pramod Group
Courtesy Pramod Group

Facades are changing in terms of materials as well. Aluminum Façade systems are typically used for facade frames because of its strength and stability and its ideal for application in commercial as well as industrial sectors including offices, hospitals, and schools.

Nowadays designers are more emphasizing on green facades because not only are green facades aesthetically appealing, but they also help in improving the efficiency of the building.

Factors such as hygiene, sanitation, ventilation, light, quality of materials determine the overall health of a building. Fenestration comes into the picture while taking care of a few of these factors.

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