Fiama Scents: The Scent of A Woman

Fiama Scents
Fiama Scents
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Fiama newest range of Bodywashes Fiama Scents, comes with an innovative ‘Touch Activated Fragrance’ that is guaranteed to make you smell and feel fresh throughout the day.

The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart and hopefully someone else’s ~ Elizabeth Taylor

What is the one time of the day when you spend ‘me time’ with yourself? Well without a doubt it is when you have a bath as this is also the time that that is a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. And the products you use while bathing can certainly elevate your experience several notches higher. A product that I have recently discovered is from the country’s bellwether personal care brand ITC that has always been known for its focus on innovation. I have also been fortunate to actually visit the ITC Research center in Bangalore a few years back and I have a good understanding of how the company researches and innovates with all its products. In fact, I clearly remember one of the tests they did on the bathing soaps was to see how long the fragrance remained in the bathroom once it was used! This along with a slew of other tests finally saw the launch of the first gel bar that came with its own patented technology. Naturally, the company has come a long way to now become the second largest shower gel brand in the country Fiama has recently launched a new range of body washes called Fiama Scents. And this is a product that will ensure your bath is as good as a spa like experience. After all the #JoyOfBathing never felt as good.

Fiama Scents
Fiama Scents

And if you are wondering how different a body wash can be, well think again. Fiama Scents has a one its kind innovation through a concept called touch activated fragrance encapsulation technology. And while that sounds complex, how it works is very simple. After you use the body wash you can actually release the fragrance by rubbing your skin very slightly and the fragrance actually lasts as long as eight hours (yes you read that right) after a bath. This certainly has the #MostLongLastingFragrance amongst bodywashes in India, you will see in any shower gel and that makes it all the more reason for you to try it. This is possible through a breakthrough technology that enables the fragrance to last through the day. This is made possible through the skin friendly micro fragrance capsules which open when you touch them or give the skin a slight rub. The best part is that the micro fragrance capsules is ecologically sensitive and has been developed through extensive research at ITC’s Life Sciences and Technology Centre. Think of all the times when you have had a long day at work and felt sticky and uncomfortable – this is the perfect antidote to all that and more. And if you have seen the television commercial that features the brand ambassador, the young and vivacious Sara Ali Khan known for her intelligence and creative choices you will understand how the product works.

The well packaged product with sleek packaging and a flip cap ensures it is leak proof, a blessing when you travel (yes, a travel friendly size is also available). The best part is that you have not one but two variants of Fiama Scents body washes – Juniper Berries & Geranium that has a nice woody, sweet and peppery scent and Mimosa & Neroli that has fragrance notes of cucumber and citrus. You cannot be blamed if you think that this sounds like something you can eat! But jokes apart, smelling good and ensuring that it lasts was never so easy and as Christian Louboutin says, “fragrance is so intimate for a lot of women – it’s your essence, your identity.” So it is time to pick up your bottle of #FiamaScents #BodyWash and see how you can be #AllDayFresh with #FiamaScents #TouchActivatedFragranceTechnology that will ensure that #DilKoDeLift.


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