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GM Summit’s Delhi edition witnessed the congregation of some of India’s hotel owners, operators, area heads, general managers, and key decision makers delve into some highly pertinent topics that have a direct bearing on the hospitality business.

As part of its initiative to highlight dynamic leaders and companies and share their insights, which can benefit their peers, the Delhi edition of GM Summit by Hotelier India, saw a fruitful discussion on highly pertinent topics that directly impacted the hospitality business. The Summit was hosted in collaboration with partners: BMW, Nestle and Jaguar.

Hotels are no longer about putting heads to beds as there has been a dramatic shift in the thought process of the customer. Hotels need to weave themselves into the social fabric of the environment.

Another aspect that is important going forward are specialized F&B outlets even as hoteliers face competition from standalone outlets that are reinventing the game as far as this is concerned.

The session also had a presentation by Gourav Vyas – Head of Corporates Sales & Used Cars, BMW India.

Revenue management is being used based on the ground conditions and it is all about timing and as the demand is increasing, good days have certainly returned to hospitality.

Read the full story that first appeared in Hotelier India’s November 2022 issue here:

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