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Himalayan Ecotourism’s Cooperative Model

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Himalayan Ecotourism is banking on a cooperative model to ensure that conservation and community come together seamlessly.

When Stephan Marchal a Belgium national came to India, 17 years ago he initially spent seven years in Jharkhand in the eastern part of India, working with the local tribal women on community-based projects in the field of healthcare, income generating activities, tribal culture, water management and conservation.


Seven years later he happened to discover the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) in Himachal Pradesh, a huge protected area managed by the Forest Department. “I came to know that the park administration was facing serious issues with the local community that struck me. I could not understand how a conservation effort could create a conflict with the local community. I thought this is something I can work on,” he reminisces.

Read the full story that first appeared in Adventure Uncovered March-April 2021 edition here:

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