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IKEA Comes to Bengaluru

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The popularity of IKEA is known world over and when the Swedish chain launched in Bengaluru, the response was so overwhelming, that the store tweeted that the wait time to enter the store was three hours!

Spread over 12.2 acres, the 460,000 sq. ft IKEA Nagasandra store will feature more than 7000 well-designed, affordable, good quality, functional, and sustainable home furnishing products along with beautifully designed 65+ room sets for ideas and inspirations to live a better life at home. The store will also house one of the largest children’s play areas, ‘Småland’ along with a 1,000-seater restaurant and a bistro serving a mix of Swedish and Indian delicacies with many vegetarian and vegan food options to choose from.

IKEA Room Set at Bengaluru
IKEA Room Set at Bengaluru

Customers will now be able to buy some of IKEA’s iconic products such as BILLY Bookcase, MALM Bed, FRAGRIK Mugs, and GAMMALBYN sofa among others. IKEA is focused on sourcing products locally from India and plans to increase local sourcing in the coming years. IKEA works with 5 suppliers in Karnataka. One of them is an IKEA social entrepreneur, Industree based out of Karnataka who is working with close to 1000 local artisans – making sofas, upholstery, armchairs, furniture, plastic, and metal articles, such as EKTORP sofas and NODELAND bookcase.

The product profile is also inspired by India’s love for colour, handicrafts and textile design. IKEA is adding a range in specific functions that are both inspired by Indian needs at home as well as Indian design preferences.

After coming out of a pandemic where we spent a lot of time at home, there is an increased need for warmer, softer, and more comfortable solutions.

Another trend is multifunctionality which means that more people are using the same space and/or furniture for different needs at different times. This requires the solutions to be flexible and serve different needs.

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