Interview with Ekta Sheoran, Fashion Designer

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Ekta Sheoran is a Vancouver based fashion designer who has changed several career paths before getting into fashion designing in 2014. She is a student at LaSalle College in Vancouver and she recently launched her collection called the ‘Rajputana Collection’ at Vancouver Fashion Week, a weeklong fashion event offering a platform to both new and established designers. The Vancouver Fashion Week is a one-of-a-kind event that continuously brings together buyers, media, celebrities, industry professionals and innovative designers from around the world to celebrate creativity and fashion. Having dabbled as a visual merchandiser, stylist and fashion blogger, this youngster hailing from Delhi has made a mark for herself. She admits that her Indian sensibilities and current and past trends inspire her to come up with unique collections. A dog lover she likes hiking and biking and she tells more about her fashion sensibilities in this exclusive tête-à-tête.

How did you get into fashion designing?

My interest in fashion started at a very early age, as a kid I used to love dressing up my dolls and spend hours sewing new cloths for them.  I have always had a keen eye for fashion, though I was not really sure if I wanted to make a career in it but after doing fashion blogging and styling for over three years, I realised my true passion lies in fashion designing. That is when I decided to pursue it. When I was in India, I had even launched my own blog called ‘Unity In Fashion’ and most of the time I would end up wearing the clothes that were designed by me.

What does fashion mean to you?

For me fashion is all about expressing yourself through clothes. There is no right way or wrong way to follow it. It is a way of showing who you are through your choices.


Tell us something about your ‘Rajputana Collection’.

Rajputana Collection is a couture collection inspired by the art work found in the forts and palaces of Rajput kings and queens. The silhouettes are influenced by the Renaissance era and contemporary designs. All the pieces are hand sewn and beaded by me. The embroidery is also designed by me and has been done in the North part of India. It is a very rare intricate hand embroidery known as Paper Mache embroidery. This collection is meant for red carpet and special social events.

How was your experience at Vancouver Fashion Show and what were the key takeaways for you as a designer?

It was a great experience for me as I not only got a platform to showcase my collection with a lot of talented international designers but also had an opportunity to interact with some of the big brands present in the market, who took keen interest in my collection. It definitely helped me in understanding the international market and what the buyers were looking for.

Who or what inspires you?

Coming from an army background, I got an opportunity to travel all over India. From enchanting forts of Rajasthan to intricate embroideries of Kashmir to weaving techniques of South India, I have been truly mesmerized by India’s rich culture and heritage. My inspiration comes from here, with an influence of western designs.

Who are the other designers whom you admire?

I absolutely admire the work of Elie Saab, Naeem Khan and Alexander McQueen.

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What is that you love the most when it comes to designing clothes?

I love experimenting with different fabrics and textures and the freedom to be creative and innovative while designing clothes.

How do you want people to remember your work?

As a beautiful high-end clothing brand which is not only affordable but is also eco-friendly and vegan.

What are some fashion do’s and don’ts for the upcoming season?

Since the winters are approaching I would suggest adding a pop of colour to your dull boring winter clothes through some accessories. Alternatively, I would suggest staying away from over-sized coats and try something that gives a more defined shape.

Today with the influx of fashion bloggers and designers, what is your take on fashion as an industry?

I see this as a big opportunity to increase the awareness about the environment friendly fashion, which is the need of the hour. Especially, considering today’s current situation, we should all do our little bit and attract attention towards social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Lot of young designers in India have already set the stage for a fashion revolution and I would love to see this trend catch up and grow.

This story appeared in the Jan 10, 2017 issue of Femina here:


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