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Interview with Anpu Varkey

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A new graphic novel by Anpu Varkey is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane, reliving arguably the best days of your life – your childhood.

What would think of a book that has only illustrations and is a silent book? Well there are two ways to look at it. One what can I make of a book that has no text or here is a book that transcends the barriers of language. And who better than author of ‘Summer’s Children’ Anpu Varkey to take us on a trip about childhood nostalgia.

Anpu Varkey
Anpu Varkey

Summer’s Children her silent book is a story that is set in the interiors of a rubber plantation in Kerala and is a silent narrative of a summer day seen through the eyes of two siblings. The representation is of a deep tropical habitation during the onset of monsoons with sounds that pulsate the ground and sky alike.

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