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Lighting in Hospitality

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As an element of décor that is omnipresent and yet subtle, lighting is an aspect that needs careful consideration.

As an aspect that matters both practically and aesthetically, lighting is an aspect that is seeing several changes. New and unexpected ideas are cultivated when design and lighting are combined.

The use of lighting allows you to appreciate the stunning architecture of the building and everything within and outside of it. Because they are digital aware, millennials demand personalised services and interactions. They are also ready to share their experiences with others and are not afraid to try new things. Lighting systems with automation or sensors enable remote control operation and automatically adjust brightness when natural light enters the space. Retro lighting includes dimmable lights, smart bulbs, and squirrel cage lamps. These trends ensure that the décor has the upper hand.

A hotel’s lobby serves as the first point of entry for guests to experience the hotel’s atmosphere. Design realism and drama should coexist in this setting. A visitor shouldn’t have trouble locating the reception desk due to overwhelming or unusual design elements. The ideal ambient and glow lighting schemes to effectively emphasise places that call for great visibility. The hotel entryway should ideally be able to relieve stress from your guest’s thoughts and encourage her to explore the hotel space. Target lighting for seating areas, storage, and concierge can be included in the lobby’s decorative lighting overall.

Hotel and restaurant designers, developers, and managers are also concerned with expenses and energy consumption in addition to striking the mood with lighting. Reducing heat, energy use, and bulb replacement expenses are the objectives.

  • Smart Energy Management
  • Smart Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Guest Experiences
  • Smart way of Big Data Protection
  • Smart Check-In/Check-Out,(mobile keys)
Clarks Inn by Azure Interiors
Clarks Inn by Azure Interiors

Planning an ergonomic layout for a hotel can necessitate paying close attention to several smaller elements. Lighting is one of the design elements to be taken into account. Careful consideration is required when choosing a lighting plan to highlight the exquisite details and practicality of the hotel spaces. Every public area in a hotel performs numerous functions, necessitating the use of multiple types of lighting in a variety of lumens, sizes, and colour temperatures to create a fully functional environment in places like the lobby, kitchen, bathroom, restaurants, and suites.

New and unexpected ideas are cultivated when design and lighting are combined. However, using lighting to enhance the visual and aural experience during the design process can occasionally result in numerous unforeseen drawbacks. Market leaders and industry professionals discuss the most frequent errors that should be avoided while developing the lighting plan.

Custom lighting, unlike other types of decorative lighting on the market, can be completely customized by you. You can choose its size, dimension, material, or any special design according to the needs of your project.

The Advantages of Custom Lighting

1. Determine the size of the lights based on your space requirements.

Custom lighting can provide you with more flexible lighting dimension options based on the available space. It is unquestionably an excellent option for space arrangement.

2. Choose the material and finish based on the needs of your project.

In some cases, you can select your own bespoke lighting material for your project. For example, if your project is near the water, you should utilise stainless steel 304 or even 316 as the main material to avoid corroded lighting.

In terms of finishing, bespoke lighting allows you to choose your own finishing style in order to match the light fixture to the overall tone of your interior design.

3. Tailor the overall appearance of the lighting fixture to your room design.

You can design the shape of a chandelier, pendant light, table lamp, or wall lamp yourself or hire a designer to assist you. This advantage of custom lighting allows you to match the lighting fixture to the overall look of your project.

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