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Living Room
Living Room
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Luxury homes are getting a new twist of décor where there is focus on detailing as well as well as a practical thrust that does not compromise aesthetics.

For designing luxury homes, architects are seeing newer layout trends like creating different smaller pockets of spaces within larger spaces. Luxury homes are evolving amidst this pandemic to keep the focus on homes that are both user friendly and maintenance free. A dedicated workspace that functions as a work from home area is also being seen in homes.


The need to bring outdoor spaces into one’s home is a top trend for 2021. Given the experience of last year with the lockdown, outdoor spaces are taking centerstage in interior design.

Luxury has become mostly about multi-purpose-driven usable spaces that cater to a seamless lifestyle encompassing opulence and comforts. It is no longer about flamboyant displays of wealth. Luxury designs today refers to how different elements are brought together to create a larger than the typical effect.

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