Marine Cemetery at Kozhikode

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The world’s first Marine Cemetery at Kozhikode in Kerala, India is making a compelling statement on the state of the marine life of the country and the world.

Did you know that the amount of plastic we have generated on earth is actually enough to create a walkway to another planet? Well as startling as it sounds, this is true and what is disheartening is that water and plastic pollution along with over exploitation and climate change have caused the extinction of 15 marine species and threatens the lives of 700 more currently.


World Wildlife Conservation Day is celebrated in 4th December every year and this year the southern state of Kerala opened the world’s first Marine Cemetery. Made out of single-use plastic bottles the cemetery is located at Beypore beach, Kozhikode. Built by Jellyfish Watersports and Beypore Port department, the effort has been driven by climate activist Aakash Ranison. The idea behind this place is that it aims to spread awareness about the devastating effects of single-use plastic, urban and industrial pollution and overfishing.

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