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My COVID-19 Story

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When Norm Bour starting seeking writers to share positive stories about Covid for a book collaboration, I was intrigued. Norm went on to ask, “did you achieve things you wouldn’t normally do? Did your relationships change for the better? I want your stories.”

I sent my story which was just a regular one, with small new changes without thinking too much and was pleasantly surprised to see him reply immediately saying he loved it and related to it.

Here is a peak into the names of the stories:

  • Finding Zen in the Middle of Chaos
  • A Seaside Supper
  • Live in the Moment – my story
  • A Shining Star Amongst the Ruins
  • Blooming in a World Hiatus
  • One Hour at a Time
  • My COVID (love) story
  • What the Mask Reveals
  • Fightin’ fit, Thanks to Covid: From Couch Potato to Tai Chi Enthusiast
  • My COVIDstory
  • Build Back Better
  • March to March
  • Life in the Time of Coronavirus
  • My New Normal
  • A Pandemic Romance
  • Dancing on the Page
  • A COVID love-trip
  • It Took a Pandemic to Build a Relationship with My Father
  • COVID Boredom Uncovered my Creative Imagination

While that was a few months back, this book (with a chapter with my story) is now on Amazon. You can buy the book and read it on Kindle or Paperback.

You can also check out this website for more information.

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