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Office Romance

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Often relationships at office can mar not just personal but also professional life as most organizations have a zero-tolerance policy for affairs between a boss and a reportee.

Affairs are more common today or rather we hear about it far more because we live in a technological era, where we can know about other people. It is not to say that people did not have affairs before but today we are able to read about other people’s lives with a click of our fingers. People are spending a lot more time at work, and at the office, they do end up meeting people there more easily compared to when they are at home.

Romance is the emotional connection between two people which requires equality where you are loving someone and giving out positive emotions to a person, and the other person is reciprocating it with the same view. However, in a professional environment, the emotions are often not transparent because it includes comparison, judgement, analysis, and logic.

Workplace relationships and friendships may affect job satisfaction, commitment levels and levels of performance positively. However, strategic decision making in managing workplace friendships is important. Office romances might lead to blurring boundaries between professionals that may create distraction and reduce productivity at the workplace.

Many office romances are among married couples. These affairs tend to happen among people that see each other on a regular basis whether at a workplace or at a gym or a bar one frequents. Seeing someone often enough can create a bond or an attraction. Understanding why affairs happen is important.

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