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Property Management Systems (PMS)

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Property Management Systems (PMS) work in all areas of hotel operations and in all kinds of properties.

Managing a hotel involves a lot of complex factors. From handling reservations, offering check-in/out, tracking guest requests, selling online, changing room rates, managing F&B operations, keeping track of accounts and many others, everything comes under the gamut of hotel operations. And then, there is this biggest challenge: serving guests efficiently to win their loyalty.

By facilitating communication and automatically updating booking information, booking channel interfaces offer a direct, two-way connection between the PMS and booking channel partners. They also save time. In general, the corporate office(s) of a company uses visitor registers or visitor entry tablets to keep a track of the people moving in and out of the establishment.

By using PMS, hotels can work on operational efficiencies. For instance, there will be no long queues at the reception as the visitors can easily scan the QR code and do their check-in/check-out while sitting in the lobby.


Cloud-based computing is quickly becoming the new standard for many businesses and industries, especially in the hotel industry. The cloud offers a platform for innovation and can increase corporate process efficiency, which can be a significant source of competitive advantage.

PMS enhances a hotel’s guest service capabilities via streamlined check-in/out and pre- post-stay communications.

Cloud based technology is being used for PMS. A notable advantage here is that multiple offices can be managed centrally, from anywhere across the globe. Another technical feature is the deployment of a QR code registration.

Hotel PMS has come a long way in assisting hoteliers with improved management of their daily tasks. It transforms their business by helping them with simplified yet efficient handling of guest preferences, inventory and rates, business-critical data, and many more.

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