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Quan Spa JW Marriott Chandigarh

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A hot stone therapy at the Quan Spa in JW Marriott Chandigarh is sure to drive the blues away and help you embrace the very best of the season.

A spa session is one of the best ways to relax and when it is done to perfection with attention to detail it makes the overall experience elevate several notches higher. This is exactly what I experienced at Quan Spa in JW Marriott Chandigarh that was wonderful after a long travel to the city.

Quan Spa Treatment Room
Quan Spa Treatment Room

As I entered the spa, I could sense a nice warm feeling and the spa manager Avneet sat down with me to fill a consultation form with a cup of green tea. Once done my therapist Mercy from Nagaland led me to my treatment room and asked me to change. I was suggested the 45 minute Hot Stone Therapy that begins with a foot ritual. Using rose and sea salt mixed with essential oils, Mercy massaged my feet gently with the same telling me that is the perfect for dead skin removal. After wiping my feet dry, she asked me to lie face down on the massage table. As I looked into the bowl of flowers below, my mind instantly felt relaxed. Since in my consultation form I had chosen the objective as a relaxing spa, I was suggested a fragrant lavender oil known for its relaxing properties.

Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy

The first part of the massage includes a dry one over the towel ensuring the body gets ready for the session. Starting the massage with my back first, Mercy applied warm oil and used circular strokes around my shoulder and back muscles to iron out all knots. This was followed with the same kind of strokes using two hot stones on either of her palms and using the same pattern as the oil massage. The touch of the hot stone feels instantly rejuvenating and relaxing. The focus of this massage is on the back and hence more than half the allotted time is spent on the back. I was certainly not complaining as this is an area where I always feel a lot of strain. Using synchronized strokes, Mercy completed the massage on both sides of my back and then started with my legs. First applying oil and then using the stones, the elongated strokes felt like a panacea to my tired feet. Turning over she continued the massage on the front of my legs, stomach and chest and ensured that all the tired muscles sprung back into action. Once the session was done, I was advised to head to the sauna for better absorption of the oils. I was also advised to keep the oil at least for an hour of not overnight and not shower if possible. This is again to ensure that the oil penetrates the body leaving the skin soft and supple. After the session I am back at the reception with another green tea and as I am sipping it, Mercy comes back with a card giving me a list of recommendations that I can use at home to keep fit. Now how’s that for a personal touch?

This story first appeared in Healthcare India’s July 2019 issue here:Warm Vibes

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