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For a makeover that is relaxing and rejuvenating, a visit to the Looks Salon in Bangalore is the best place to head to.

The Looks Salon founded in 1989 by Sanjay Dutta with the aim of giving superior customer attention and high quality services. The plush interiors here are done up in hues of beige, black and cream and different areas are separated by planters that add a touch of colour here.

Looks Salon
Looks Salon

Tress Talk

My therapist Yaseen Khan from Bangalore welcomed me and asked me to first share the key concerns I had about my hair and then suggested I have the Kerastase VIP Ritual. The extensive treatment starts with the application of a Masquargil a clay detox for the scalp. This is applied with a brush dividing the hair into sections on the scalp. This is a deep clarifying clay mask and once applied, Yaseen lightly massaged the clay into my hair to spread the product through the scalp. Also this product has less moisture hence it is massaged lightly and for a few minutes just enough to get the hair cells activated. After a few minutes my hair is rinsed and washed using the Kerastase Bain Prevention shampoo. Having felt that my hair was dry, Yaseen mixed two masks the ‘Masque Force Architecte’ and the ‘Discipline Maskeratine’ that is applied on both the scalp and hair using a brush. This is followed with a light massage so that there is no friction in the hair that could damage the hair cuticle. The massage includes an invigorating forehead, neck and shoulder massage as well that feels delightfully relaxing. My hair is then wrapped in a plain towel as I head to finish my manicure and pedicure.  After I am back, my hair is wrapped in a hot towel and a steam machine is lowered on my head for a steam session and I instantly resemble an astronaut with the gadget on my head! Yaseen uses mineral water for the steam as opposed to distilled water which is another choice. After 10 minutes I am led to a hair wash with plain water. Tapping out the excess water with a towel a fuser dose is applied. This is a mix of pro calcium concentrate with a reconstruction booster. This is then sprayed all over the hair and massaged well for a couple of minutes. This is allowed to soak in for 5 minutes and the hair is rinsed with plain water. The final step is the application of the Densifique Ampules with a microniser that helps in even distribution and coverage all over the scalp. A light massage follows and then my hair is dried using light heat. A serum is applied on my hair from the back and then dried again. At the end of it my hair feels like a million bucks thanks to all the pampering.

Looks Salon
Looks Salon

Happy Nails

I was also recommended a Foot Prints spa pedicure and manicure and I did them together and my therapists Ayui from Manipur did the manicure while Sanjay from Darjeeling did the pedicure. Since I keep my nails short they were filed first and a buffer was rubbed on the nails for a shine. My hands and feet were dipped in hot water and using a liquid cleanser my hands and feet wet cleaned thoroughly. After this I had a jelly soak for ease of cuticle removal and softness. The jelly expands in water and feels smooth and soft. After this a marine salt is added to the jelly soak with more water. After removing the cuticles with the help of a cutter they use an orange stick (a device that helps scrape cuticles from the nail edges. The pedicure has an additional step when all the dead skin is scraped from the back of the feet. Then a gel scrub is applied and massaged and the feet and hands are thoroughly cleaned with warm water. Patting them dry with a towel a massage cream is applied for an invigorating massage. The last step is the application of a skin rejuvenating pack that is blended with rose water and is allowed to stay for 10 minutes. This is made with ingredients like tea tree oil, shea butter vitamin E, Green tea and aloe vera. I am also handed small packs of body lotion to use as part of my home care regimen. The treatment is intensive and leaves my hand and feet feeling soft and supple.

Fact File

  • Founder: Mr. Sanjay Dutta
  • Established: January 1, 1989
  • Architect: RSDA (Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates)
  • Area/Size: 2800 sqft. Carpet Area
  • Treatment rooms: 3 Treatment Rooms
  • Number of estheticians: 3 Aestheticians, 3 Therapists
  • Signature Treatment: Organic Seven Herb Skin Treatment, Chronologiste Caviar Hair Ritual
  • Timings: 10:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. open all days
  • Contact: 080-43701456/080-43701384
  • Address: Ground Floor, #58, Todi Residency, 100 feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru-560038 Near Airtel Store
  • Website:

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