Ruhab Spa Review

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Spa treatments that are inspired by your zodiac sign aptly called Horospa is what you can experience at Ruhab at Fairmont, Jaipur.

On a recent visit to the Pink City of Jaipur, I stayed at the plush Fairmont Jaipur and checked out the in-house spa Ruhab that offers a slew of wellness therapies including a special massage that varies according to your sun sign.

Ruhab Spa
Ruhab Spa

The Ruhab Spa takes you on a journey of regal times in a palatial inspired décor. This abode of purity represents the true meaning of royalty and wellbeing. The selected range of wellness treatments and rituals are carefully crafted to offer a luxurious escape from the outside world where body, mind and soul are nourished and restored. With luxurious facilities to complement the indulgent therapies, every guest here will feel a sense of deep relaxation and rejuvenation, the moment they step into Ruhab.

Chakras by Zodiac

  • ARIES: The ‘grounding’ chakra
  • TAURUS: The ‘universal compassion’ chakra
  • GEMINI: The ‘self-development’ chakra
  • CANCER: The ‘enlightenment’ chakra
  • LEO: The ‘perception’ chakra
  • VIRGO: The ‘throat’ chakra
  • LIBRA: The ‘universal compassion’ chakra
  • SCORPIO: The ‘enlightenment’ chakra
  • SAGITTARIUS: The ‘inner strength’ chakra
  • CAPRICORN: The ‘truth’ chakra
  • AQUARIUS: The ‘perception’ chakra
  • PISCES: The ‘inner strength’ chakra

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