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Sabrina Suhail Interview

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Sabrina Suhail, Head Creator at Tinge, a custom-fit and custom-made cosmetics studio in Bangalore focuses on vegan and cruelty free makeup.

After having been a makeup artist for more than a decade, she decided to launch her own brand of beauty products since she saw a huge gap in clean beauty in India, where quality and varied skin tones were not getting addressed.

Sabrina Suhail
Sabrina Suhail

‘Make up by Sabrina Suhail’ had been the identity of her brand for years, but Suhail wanted to move in a direction where the brand was extricable from her name.

For Suhail, it is her mother who has been her pillar of strength right from day one.

Read the full interview that first appeared in Seema Magazine’s June 2021 issue here:

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