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The artisanal cheese market in India is growing at an exponential pace. As people travel more and are exposed to newer cuisines and cultures, food is becoming a somewhat global phenomenen.

Cheese is one such dish that is slowing moving to the artisanal phase. Cheese making is a very patient practice, there are cheese which are made and sold fresh like mozzarella.

Tomme by Melchior cheese.
Tomme by Melchior cheese.

The latest trends were the Burrata  & Butter boards, there was an interesting patch in between where air travellers were setting up their own cheese boards mid flight with crackers, cheese and fruit an posting on social media.

India’s first cheese café also opened in Hyderabad recently and the footfalls clearly indicate that the space is a winner.

Intrigued? There is much more happening in the cheese space in India. Read the full story that first appeared in CEIA Magazine’s Feb 2023 issue here:

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