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The detrimental effects of watching porn are far greater than you would imagine as it also impacts sexual and mental wellbeing.

Porn is commonly part of an individual’s sex life regardless of the stigma it has been associated with it. However, compulsive porn watching or as some would refer to as ‘porn addiction’ refers to a person becoming excessively dependent on pornography leading to a disruption in their everyday life.

The impact of this is far more deep rooted than you can imagine as it affects you and people around you. It is also your physical and mental wellbeing that is on stake. Here is why you should stop watching porn.

Porn throws regular life out of gear. This could include their job, relationships and at times, their day-to-day lifestyle. Feeling ashamed, having a sense of guilt and concealing are commonly seen behaviour.

From dissatisfying sexual experiences to having high unreasonable expectations – porn addiction can affect emotional and mental health of an individual and/or a couple.

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