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Hotel Security Solutions are ensuring that guests have a stay that is safe and secure, and technology is doing its bit to make this happen.

From the moment you enter a hotel, till you leave, safety and security is an aspect that is integrated completely. Often you may observe some of these aspects, but there are many touch points where this is working in the background.

Right from the entry point, when a mandatory vehicle check happens before any vehicle enters the hotel premises, body frisking, scanning, security associates, cameras and encryptions are all part of the hospitality security angle.


Under vehicle scanners which automatically scans the vehicle and detects any explosive or weapon present inside the car, intruder detection system usually used in manufacturing or corporate industry now the same system is recommended and used in the hotel industry. Especially for resort properties which are spread out across a few acres. Smart, intelligent surveillance is advancing rapidly. With the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and 4K video resolution, today’s security equipment is evolving.

Wireless systems are especially beneficial for retrofitted security system projects as they help organizations to avoid considerable disruptions to daily operations that would occur if significant rewiring work were required and with wireless locks, security system design is no longer restricted by the structural limitations of buildings that might normally make wiring work highly challenging.

It is fair to say that we live in a world where turbulent, unpredictable and varied risks occur across all global regions. Hotels are especially vulnerable to the various threats. Being a high end luxury hotel group and of its presence around the globe which attract HNI travelers and VVIPs which includes Political leaders, State and country heads, film stars and heads of religious institutions. Often the hotel hosting high profile meetings with the high profile guests mentioned above. An attack to this installation can create worldwide media attention and impact on several fronts.

Keeping all these in mind, a security professional should be aware about the latest security gadgets in the market, security trends, incidents happening all over the world. A recent example of the assassination of former Japanese Ex PM Shinzo Abe. How the assassin used the 3D printed camera type shotgun and to which Ex PM’s security officials were caught unaware. The risk is changing as well as evolving. With more and more new challenges ahead, we should embrace ourselves with more knowledge.

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