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A community that is Indian but traces their roots to Africa, the Siddis are unmistakable as thy have unique facial features that makes them different.

The first time I met anyone from the Siddi community was at Samvaad, a one-of-its kind pan-India tribal conclave organised by Tata Steel Foundation. The Siddi community had a representation to not just showcase their dance form but also use the forum to discuss the issues they face and how they could be solved.

In recent times the Siddis are in the limelight for the sporting prowess and have been winning many laurels for the country. They are also known for their dance form called Dhamaal which is unique to their community.

Being a small community, they have been at the receiving end of racisim for their looks as well as marginalised in many ways. However, much of that is being sought to be changed with NGOs and other corportaes coming forward to support them especially to encourage their sporting talent.

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