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SkinKraft: Bespoke Skincare Solutions

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Did you know that technologies like deep analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are ensuring that skincare solutions are being customized to suit individuals?

India will constitute 5% percent of the total global cosmetics market and is set to become one of the top five global markets by revenue by 2025. SkinKraft that was conceptualized in 2017 and started retailing online in mid-2018 is using exactly these technologies to create customized skincare regimes for Indian women. With data being at the core of SkinKraft, the startup  has already assisted over four lakh women with their skin concerns to date by handling typical complexion issues and customizes each kit according to the individual’s needs through its proprietary SkinID. Chaitanya Nallan, Cofounder & CEO, Incnut Digital tells us more in this exclusive tête-à-tête.

SkinKraft Products
SkinKraft Products

Please explain the concept of customized skincare solutions?

Customization takes the guesswork out of skincare. Women are caught up in an unrewarding cycle of experimentation and trial and error to find even the basic skincare products. With customization you are ending this vicious cycle and getting exactly what you need.

How is technology enabling customization of skincare solutions?

Skincare brands are tapping the power of technology to make customized skincare solutions convenient for consumers. For instance, at SkinKraft data is at the core as it aids us in understanding the skin profiles of individuals better and matches it to the right set of products. It also assists us in further improving the efficacy of our products and further expands new products that a particular skin profile needs.

How does AI, ML and data analytics work in the skincare industry?

AI and ML is enabling companies to get unique information about an individual’s skin characteristics like type, skin issues, lifestyles, environment and geographic location, that give an accurate picture of the individual. This data paves the way for the creation of customized solutions in skincare.  They will be altering the further landscape of skincare, hair care and the beauty industry in the next three-four years leading to even more personalized choices.

What are the technology trends in the skincare industry?

Smart beauty devices are getting smarter in 2020. In recent years, we have seen L’Oreal showcase its wearable sensors to track sun damage and skin pH levels. While Shiseido unveiled its own tech-enabled systems- Shiseido’s Optune, an IoT-powered skincare system that leverages AI to detect users’ skin conditions and then dispenses a personalized formula each day. We saw a huge push towards customization in 2019 and the envelope will be getting pushed further next year.

SkinKraft Products
SkinKraft Products

How are customers reacting and accepting customized skincare solutions?

When we initially started, the main challenge was to create awareness around the new and innovative concept of ‘customization’.  Instead of positioning ourselves in the market, what we did was drive awareness and conversation around the subcategory of customization itself and how it differs from the traditional setup and more importantly empowering the customers with the knowledge and hence the confidence of picking the right products. Customers were/ are intrigued by the innovative concept of ‘customization’ and have supported the idea of experiencing skincare which gives them exactly what their skin needs.

What is the premise of SkinKraft?

Skin type, skin issues, skin support systems, pigmentation levels, skin damage levels, hydration levels and several other aspects make an individual’s skin unique and have to be catered uniquely. So, a generic product, mass-produced by an FMCG company cannot be the most effective way to care for your skin. In fact, these products encourage trial-and-error skincare which in the long term leads to premature aging of the skin which made us build our customised skincare brand SkinKraft.

How do you use data to create skin care solutions for clients?

SkinKraft understands your skin and its characteristics using the unique skin profiling system called the SkinID™. Designed by dermatologists, the Skin ID takes you through a series of questions about your current skin and lifestyle and recommends products based on your inputs. The regimen consists of a three step skincare consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer and an active for your skin concern. Machine learning is changing the game of skin care industry by satisfying the users with the right products for their skin now, and evolves over time.

What are some key issues you have seen with Indian skin?

SkinKraft has generated over a million skin profile records until now, among all the skin issues the most common ones are acne, pigmentation, dry spots and dark patches.

What are your future plans?

We believe that one in three women will move towards customized products by 2025. A confluence of three significant trends: mass internet adoption enabling feedback loops and user input, AI enabled understanding of ingredient effectiveness and modern manufacturing technologies will cause a significant shift in the next 5-10 years. We are expanding the lineup of our skincare range to include customized sunscreens, anti-aging products with more powerful and efficacious ingredients. We are also set to launch our customized hair care products by December this year.

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