Spa at Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats in Jaipur

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The Niraamaya spa at Royal Heritage Haveli Jaipur blends traditional and contemporary therapies to ensure you have a curated and personalized health and wellness experience.

The city of Jaipur is known for its regal past and to experience a slice of the same in a 150 year old restored haveli is an experience like no other. This is exactly what I did when I checked into the Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats in Jaipur. The in house spa run by Ayurveda professionals from Kerala is the best way to experience a relaxing getaway too.

Spa Escape

The décor of the spa is ornate and comes with Lazuli stone inlay in the doorways giving a luxurious touch to match with the therapies on offer. The spa offers an array of Ayurvedic and Swedish massages to help unwind and rejuvenate your senses and all treatments only use organic oils from Kerala. The spa is located overlooking the swimming pool and the cool waters make for a perfect backdrop to the relaxing ambience of the space. I start with a consultation where the doctor on site Dr. Ajith who asks me a few questions on my general health and also tests my pulse. Since all Ayurvedic treatments are based on the three doshas – Vatha, Kapha and Pitha the consultation form I fill is also aimed at asking the same questions to determine my body constitution of Prakruti to tailor make the treatment to follow.

Spa at Niraamaya Retreats Jaipur
Spa at Niraamaya Retreats Jaipur

Ayurveda Calling

Based on the consultation, I was recommended one of the signature treatments called the Mayomaya. This is a massage done with natural oils massage, that helps improve blood circulation and removes tension. The 60 minute session is recommended to beat stress and stiffness. My therapist Anju from Kerala asks me to change and lie face down on the massage table. What I see below is a bowl filled with colourful bougainvillea and local flowers grown in house arranged in an urli. This is a treatment where the pressure is from medium to firm to deep. The oil used is Forest essentials Aroma Oil – there is a choice of lime and ginger, rose and geranium or eucalyptus and black pepper. My therapist uses eucalyptus and black pepper oil for the massage. The session starts with a foot spray that is applied on my feet and cleaned with a hot towel. After this she does a body walk over the towel that I am covered with that has an immediate effect of relaxing my muscles while preparing them for the session to follow. After checking if I wanted deep or medium pressure, Anju starts with a back massage. Using her hands deftly in harmony with each other she uses her palms, fingers and arms to create a perfect symphony of strokes that feel restful and relaxing. After this she massages my logs using long stokes and circular motions to ensure that all the knots are released. Once I turn over my hands and legs are also massaged. The chest and neck region are also massaged. After this she asks me if I would like a head massage which is given in the lying down position itself. This is deeply relaxing and all the travel stress seems to disappear instantly. The last step is the face massage that can be done with aroma oil or aloe vera. Since I ask for the latter, my face is gently massaged with the same leaving me feeling fresh and relaxed. This was the perfect way to experience the experience of Kerala in royal Rajasthan and is highly recommended on your next visit to the Pink City.

Spa at Niraamaya Retreats Jaipur
Spa at Niraamaya Retreats Jaipur

Fact File

  • Name of the Spa: Niraamaya Spa and Wellness
  • Established: December 1986
  • Founders: Niraamaya retreats
  • Architect: Karl Damschen
  • Area/Size: 12X 10 – spa room and 14X 10 – ayurvedic treatment room
  • Treatment rooms: 2
  • Number of estheticians: 3 therapists and 1 Doctor.
  • Signature Treatment: Spice magic, Aromaya and Mayomaya are our Signature therapies.
  • Timings: 8am to 8 pm.
  • Contact: 9632810948
  • Address: Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats, Plot No 116/117, Jotwara Road, Khatipura Tiraya, Jaipur -302012
  • Website:

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