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Speed Meets Stillness

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“A Voyage of Seemingly Propulsive Speed and an Apparent Absolute Stillness” a multidisciplinary show at Gallery Ark, Vadodara brings together works of art by three emerging artists Arshad Hakim, Moonis Ahmad Shah and Sarasija Subramanian.

The genesis of this intriguingly titled exhibition began as a conversation between the three artists and the curator of the exhibition, Aaiushi Beniwal. Their in-depth conversations around their individual practices uncovered a common thread in the form of three words – Myth, Suspension, and Violence. The concepts and mediums including etchings, drawings, zinc plates, videos, digital prints and LED strips makes this exhibition a rich, layered dialogue.

Gallery Ark Vadodara
Gallery Ark Vadodara

While the show was initially supposed to open in March, the pandemic changed things and the format was changed to digital. “In a certain sense, it is fitting that our move towards integrating digital exhibitions in our offering coincided with this show because these young artists are pushing the boundaries with their experimentation and a deep thinking around an alternate future,” says Nupur Dalmia, Director, Gallery Ark. The artists Arshad Hakim, Moonis Ahmad Shah and Sarasija Subramanian knew each other from their art school and bringing them together was a call taken by the in-house Assistant Curator Aaiushi Beniwal.

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