Tableware for Diwali

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The festival of Diwali is all about entertaining and a nice table setting can elevate your festival to a higher level. The best part is that there are several options that can help you make the choice.

The best part of setting a table is all about using various accessories from table mats, table runners, coasters, cutlery, plates, bowls, accessories like lamps, vases, flowers and more to create a magical setting.

Here are some collections:

Seher Bakhoor Burner / Centerpiece by Ira Udaipur available at The House of Things

What could be more magical than curtains of fragrant smoke, of deep perfumed incense filling the air. Exquisitely cast & extensively detailed, the dome recalls stylized landscape of a Mewari painting: twin leopards within a habitat of palmettes, Mughal lotus & fluted vases. Equally stunning as a centerpiece, the Seher Bakhoor Burner instills a sense of wonderment in the everyday.  

Sarita Handa Festive Table Linen
Sarita Handa Festive Table Linen

Hand Embroidered Floral Bouquet Collection – Table Runner; Placemats + napkins
Hand Embroidered floral bouquets are a signature Sarita Handa design. They look elegant and liven up any space. The ivory base colour is bright and accentuates the contrasting threads. The bight flowers add vibrancy to the festivities.

And if you are wondering which brands to choose here are some that will amp you up festive table many notches above.

  • Ikkis
  • Pure Home
  • Iqrup Ritz
  • The House of Things
  • Good Earth
  • Elvy
  • Eris Home
  • Sarita Handa
  • Objectry
  • Suite Number Eight

Read the full story that first appeared in Architectural Digest here

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