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Hotels and MICE

The MICE segment in India will grow manifolds in the years to come. A lot of corporates are now also looking at domestic destinations for hosting incentive groups, which augurs well for hospitality players in the country.  The way India is emerging in the global market it is certain that India is poised to grow… Read More Hotels and MICE


Aish restaurant review

Having grown up in Hyderabad, I have a personal connection with the city. And when I received an invite from The Park as they reopened their restaurant Aish, it gave me a chance to relive the city of my childhood. Sitting on the back of the famed Hussain Sagar Lake, Aish, is unique as it… Read More Aish restaurant review

Svasa Life

Aish at THE Park, Hyderabad

Aish, is a signature Hyderabadi restaurant at level 3, The Park Hyderabad that was recently relaunched post the pandemic. The Nawabs were known for their exquisite taste in sensory objects, jewels, objet d’art and legendary cuisine. The best part is that the restaurant offers an opulent yet restrained setting that makes the perfect backdrop to… Read More Aish at THE Park, Hyderabad

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Andhra Recipes

November 1st is celebrated as AP Formation Day, and this is also a day to sample some of the quintessential culinary delicacies of the state. Andhra cuisine is never a one dish meal, even a common household has multiple dishes for their meals. The cuisine is very versatile with the use of fresh ingredients that incorporate… Read More Andhra Recipes

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Alfresco Dining

Alfresco Dining is coming to the forefront in the post pandemic phase as eating out in open spaces are being preferred. From Sidewalk Dining, Patio Dining, Rooftop Dining and Garden Dining, outdoor dining has become very popular post pandemic. After all, the lure of fresh air and a cool breeze when you dine can hardly… Read More Alfresco Dining

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Monsoon Eats

The rains are here, and it is time to indulge your palate. While you enjoy, we also tell you how to take care of your health. Nourish the gut flora with adequate fibres. This is achieved through eating seasonal vegetables such as ash gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd and bottle gourd. These vegetable fibres act… Read More Monsoon Eats

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Cooking with Leaves

Cooking with leaves not just enhances the flavour profile of a dish but also adds a healthy twist to it. Cooking with leaves has been a traditional way of making many kinds of food across the country. Banana leaves, for instance, contain a large amount of polyphenols which are natural antioxidants enriched with several nutrients… Read More Cooking with Leaves

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Hotels and Sustainability

Hotels are being designed to incorporate environmental consciousness and are employing holistic ecological practices to make a difference to the planet. Hoteliers and designers are using a ‘three-zero-concept’ approach, using local construction materials and skills (zero kilometers), prioritizing energy management and lower emissions (zero carbon dioxide), and introducing life-cycle management into the building process (zero… Read More Hotels and Sustainability

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Falafel – celebrating International Falafel Day

FJune 12th is International Falafel Day and we teach you some interesting variants of this Middle Eastern specialty. A traditional Middle Eastern deep-fried ball or patty-shaped fritter, falafel is popular with most people as it is a powerhouse of proteins. It is typically prepared with Fava beans or coarsely ground chickpeas, a binding agent, scallions, garlic,… Read More Falafel – celebrating International Falafel Day