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Hoteliers are leveraging the power of technology to drive operational efficiencies as well as improve and personalize guest experience.

Technology is an important driver as far as hospitality is concerned as this an aspect that hoteliers are betting big on. Rapid access to real-time information by new age software empowers people to contribute to profitability.

Utilization of technology has helped eliminate bottle necks and the associates are able to focus on their core job roles in a faster and simplified manner. Some of the other benefits of new age software include less human interaction, availability of information in real time and reduced manpower has key advantages of digitalization amongst others.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) is now being deployed in hotels to churn thousands of data points and make sense out of it all. The industry is moving towards paperless technology post COVID.

NETGEAR Tech in Hotels (2)
NETGEAR Tech in Hotels

Facial recognition technology is used for keyless entry systems, to identify VIP guests, and to screen people who have been problematic in the past. The key focus now is on emerging and alternative forms of payment and new developments in integrated payment systems. Alternative forms of payment include anything beyond the typical card and cash transactions.

According to consumer survey statistics, contactless payments are on top of the list of tech adoption in the hospitality industry post-pandemic. A few hotels are also accepting cryptocurrency as a payment.

Enhanced Forecasting and Revenue Maximization is vital in today’s unpredictable market conditions. These platforms help focus on demand factors and accordingly help in forecasting revenue with better accuracy.

Chatbots, Virtual reality and augmented reality, Digital signage, Blockchain and Internet of things are driving technology use in hotels. Hoteliers are using Machine Learning-based technologies for managing inventory and rates, as well as tools for mapping guest journeys.

The hospitality sector has been gradually evolving and developing in many aspects, including food, service delivery, and hotel structures. Smart hotel chains are listening and changing the way they operate to reduce their impact on the environment.

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