Tech Push for Fabrics

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Textile companies are upping the ante as far as using technology is concerned. One such innovative organization is Textronics Design Systems, established in 1990 provides intelligent CAD and WEB solutions, to help Textile and Fashion companies increase their global competitiveness, by facilitating Innovative Design & 3D visualization tools optimizing Sales, Design Communication and enabling E-commerce. “Over the years we have grown to a strength of 70 professionals engaged in development, product design, marketing support etc. Our products are well received by close to 1000 customers in 30 countries across the world. We are able to closely work with our customers with 20+ Channel partners in different countries that enable localized support and also directly with Online support from India. Hence, Textronics is building solutions to address the complete line of Value chain in the Textile industry from product design to manufacturing, E-commerce and retailing,” says Sanjeev Arora, Director, Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.


Tech Solutions

Textronics Design Systems is a leading software solutions provider, facilitating businesses in the textile designing industry. Textronics supplies a variety of innovative design and 3D visualization tools that can optimize sales, design, communication and enable e-commerce. Its product line includes specialised solutions including TryON, StyleME, TailorI and 3D Showroom. TryOn is an augmented reality based dressing room for retail and e-commerce platform giving your customers an immerse visual connection with your products, thereby enriching their shopping experience. StyleME is an augmented reality based web integration, which gives its users the privilege to view, select, mix-match and drape the apparels virtually. It is a revolution in the textile and fashion industry.

Bespoke Matters

Tailor-i enables you to co-create tailored suits and garments from a wide array of designs, fabrics, textile patterns, tailoring styles, and other intricate details. It is an online tailor store for all your bespoke clothing dilemmas wherein you can design your garment yourself, by interactively trying a host of placket, pocket, cuff, sleeve, collar and other styles. “We provide Tailor- I with two variants as per the customer’s requirements – Web / e-Commerce Solution and In-Store Solution where you can design your garment yourself and view the 3D image of your tailored suit being developed in real time. This also has a step-by-step guide to body measuring, or use standard size or simply choose from your previously saved measurements. The web solution has a 3D design tailor engine with a comprehensive design and feature database, excellent sales (exclusive, safe and hassle free) and marketing tools (SEO & Viral marketing) and needs no extra plug-ins – uploaded on your website,” says Arora.

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Design Details

The Virtual 3D Showroom App is an e-commerce solution that helps you customise your products and room online. This is a NextGen online 3D store that enables realistic 3D mapping and fabric draping. It supports the 3D fabric draping of a wide range of elements, including furniture, bed, curtains, human models, etc. and gives them the power to visualize the chosen fabric as a complete product, instantly with a click! The solution is realistic and offers virtual mapping with life like creases, shades and highlights. The first step involves product selection as the 3D showroom offers you full product selection service to assist you in selecting a right product. After this choosing fabric manually restricts your options so they provide you a wide range of fabric for selection. The Drape & Share option allows you to select colours and texture of fabric according to your room interiors. You can pick your favourite fabric drape it on and experience the look and  texture of your product virtually. Likewise the Create Mockup & AR Presentation is a solution to create mock ups and presentation more efficiently in less time. Web Showroom transcends beyond automatic image colourisation, allowing a lifelike 3D texture mapping. Virtual room designer app is your one-stop shop for all your décor needs. They also have other CAD/CAM solutions including Design 3D, a CAD System for 3D texture mapping of fabrics on garments, Design Dobby for yarn dyed and dobby woven fabrics, Design Jacquard for jacquard woven fabrics, electronic jacquard integration and simulation and Design Studio for print designing, separation and colour ways. The App (available on iOS and Android) allows you to create fabric designs anywhere, anytime and on any device With different patterns, different weaves and different yarn effects. The app allows true to life CAD simulation with standard layout for multiple designs and swatch card with waterfall effect.


Innovation Matters

In the volatile fashion landscape competition is a given and it is essential that the existing market players have an edge. “Textronics helps our clients attain receptivity to subtleties of trade. So, they are ready to respond to any new challenges they may face and thus their clients are able to satisfy their customers and provide the best possible experience,” says Arora. Textronics has one stop solutions for all requirements of diverse yet interconnected textile industry players like garment manufactures, textile mills, retail brands, fabric designers and high end tailoring studios. Each of the software targets a different aspect of customer satisfaction. They enable the retailers to give their customers, a novel shopping experience. Textronics is an India-based company but they are not limited to national boundaries. They have clients in across the globe such as Africa, Europe, Asia, North America etc. The products themselves are an innovation in the world of textiles. The company has also developed a Wool CAD system with in-depth guidance from Mr. Luigi Montellaro of BMT Trading. The user interface has been maintained to ensure easy transition to Textronics Wool CAD and importantly back ward compatibility of the existing design and blanket data has been maintained to that years of designs are not lost.

New Rules

Technology would provide one stop solution for all requirements of diverse yet interconnected textile industry players like garment manufactures textile mills, retail brands, fabric designers and high end tailoring studios. It will enable the retailers to give their customers, a novel shopping experience. “We have entered the word of textiles with an approach to be the face behind the change in the world of textiles by utilizing the technology to its best. It excites us to keep growing and excelling by providing our most humble customers the best possible shopping experience,” concludes Arora.

This story appeared in Apparel magazine’s Sep 17 issue here: Bindu Textronics

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