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Tranquil Resort, Wayanad

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Tranquil Resort, a plantation resort in Wayanad in Kerala is the perfect way to have a holiday that is all about relaxation ensconced in nature.

This is a 126 year-old heritage, the property in Kuppamudi Estate was originally owned and run by the British plantation pioneers and then sold to Dutch entrepreneurs post-independence and eventually sold to Aswati Plantations Pvt. Ltd. in 1994. Ajay and Nisha Mathulla who have their home on the estate currently own and run the retreat.

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher
Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher

Over the years, Ajay and Nisha have welcomed domestic as well as international guests, many of them well-established in their respective professions. The duo is dedicated to creating a unique hospitality experience and memories at Tranquil that their guests cherish for the many years that follow, and people who come as guests often leave as a part of the Tranquil family.

Common Iora
Common Iora

As an IHM graduate herself, Nisha understands the importance of connecting over food, and has combined her experience with that of their long standing head chef, Sivadas, to take cooking classes for the guests who would like to try their hands at some authentic fare — including everyone’s favourite Kerala Parotta, among other local delicacies.

The cuisine served at the resort is also a reflection of the family’s varied heritage — intricate influences from their Bengali, Tamil, Andhra, Malayali, French, British etc. make up the menu. With almost all their ingredients grown in their own gardens, baking their own bread with homemade confectioneries, not to mention the freshest coffee possible from their plantation and tea from a neighbouring plantation.

Pale Blue Flycatcher
Pale Blue Flycatcher

The resort’s meals remind you how even the simplest meals can be relished if we just celebrate what grows around us. Treat yourself to some home style food like Syrian Christian beef fry, or Malabar fish curry, all served in a buffet format.

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