Walk the Talk Malleshwaram Hogona!

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Malleshwaram Hogona! Is a street art project aimed to reclaim walking spaces to ultimately make them safer for women and the local community.

The street art project called Malleshwaram Hogona (that means let’s go to Malleshwaram) is a collaboration that has 12 art works by 13 artists with Geechu Galu and the Bengaluru Moving Campaign.

Located in conservancy lanes (that are small narrow lanes that run parallel to the main road), this is a graphical mural art trail that takes you back in time while making the streets walkable again. The Bengaluru Moving campaign is aiming for a reduction of vehicular emissions over the next few years and is hoping that people use alternate modes of transport for shorter commutes like walking and cycling.

Mural Guide

  • Anpu Varkey – Within her stride
  • Shreevyas – Gejjeya Nada
  • Chandana BV – Once upon a time, there was a tree
  • Spandana Vella – Malleshwaram’s Sparrows
  • Amitabh Kumar – Putting the Mull in Malleshwaram
  • Girija Hariharan – Svagata
  • Parameshwar Waran – PourakarmikaShivu Mahesh (Done)
  • Shivu Mahesh – Sakkare Kaddi
  • Enoch Dheeraj Ebenezer – Kaapi Kudithiya
  • Abhijeet Rao – Post it
  • Saksham Verma – Greetings from Malleshwaram
  • Meghana Yeri & Dhanush Kiran – Malleshwaram in a glimpse

Read the full story that first appeared in The New Indian Express dated Sep 26, 2021 here:

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