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Zurich Old Town

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While one may associate Zurich with everything a modern, big city should be, it has an interesting medieval past that is as intriguing as it is fascinating.

Interestingly, the roots of present-day Zurich go back to 80 BC and the Roman influence gradually increased from 40 BC when Roman soldiers settled here.

The statue of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
The statue of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

With a history that dates back several thousand years, the vestiges of the same are being preserved and this makes for a great option when taking an offbeat path to discover the city. I made some enquiries and found out that Zurich has a thriving Old City and guided walks were the best way to experience the same.

The city has several water bodies including the beautiful lake and River Limmat that has a ‘ladies only’ public swimming pool at Frauenbad am Stadthausquai.

Grossmünster Church
Grossmünster Church

The old town is also home to some breathtakingly beautiful churches including the St Peter Church has a clock face that is 8.7m in diameter and is the largest in Europe.

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